Our courses change monthly for each guest/season/ingredients based on a proverb which is “温故知新(Onkochisin : Developing new ideas based on the past and learning from the past)”.

We provide guests with new and excellent tastes with Edomae style.

Although some kinds of seasonal fishes exist, there are many wonderful ingredients even when they’re out of seasons all over Japan.

 Besides that, farmed fish has been stable and amazing as the level has greatly been better since recent years ago even though natural one is regarded as tasty one for sushi. 

Of course, you can taste natural and fresh ones as well in our restaurant.



We provide ingredients that you can feel each season and also handle any kinds of ones if it’s marvelous.
Your preferences will be put into our courses.


【Many kinds of ingredients & fishes which are not provided in sushi restaurants as well as classic ones】(*For instance, Sturgeon, Blue spotted hind, Emulsified sardine, Low-temperature cooked fish…etc.)

We’re always committed to new ideas by using those specialties and cozy space where entertains you with linking outstanding value.

Our restaurant gives you quality that restaurants in Ginza has in less than half price of them.



Our fish is from Hasegawa fishery which is well known as Tsumoto style and all over Japan.

We provide you with soup, grilled/braised dishes as well as sushi with fish features.